Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I love it when summer comes around & the Farmers' Market reopens for the season in our neighborhood. Matt & love to walk over on Saturday mornings & plan our week menu based on what looks good that week. Unfortunately this year there are squabbles about where & what day it should be so its been put on hold until later in the summer. (Its such a shame that a few people can ruin something for the rest of us but that seems to be the politics of the neighborhood.) Anyway we decided to drive out to the San Mateo Farmer's Market this past Saturday to get our fix of fresh vegetables.
I was so thrilled to see the heirloom tomatoes make their reappearance after a winter of the not so great stuff at the grocery store.
heirloom We ate the purple ones in a salad last night & the flavor & texture were wonderful.
Salad Greens
Our favorite salad green vendor for our farmers' market was here as well so we stocked up on some beautiful butter lettuce and sweet baby greens. For some reason the greens we buy here always seem to last so much longer than the stuff we get in the store.
Ex Jumbo Artichokes And finally this picture is just to make my sister jealous...these were as big as a two year old's head!
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