Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In praise of the Brussel Sprout*

* or Brussels Sprout whichever you prefer.

#128 - Brussel sprouts

I remember when I was younger my mother making Brussel Sprouts for herself & how awful we thought they were. Now quite a few years later I love them. I think the turn around came one year at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. They grow a lot of Brussel Sprouts out there. A booth there was serving them sauted with garlic & they were so good. I guess just right then & there I decided to try making them myself. My favorite way of serving them in roasted in just olive oil and salt or with a little balsamic vinegar added. The flavor from the slow roasting is wonderful & they make a great addition to a roasted vegetable salad. I've also had them as part of an amazing chestnut stuffing for Trout at Maverick in San Fransisco. To top it off the are so good for you. If you always turned your nose up at this much hated vegetable, give it another chance you might be surprised. Now I just have to get Matt to appreciate them as much as I do.


Deborah said...

I will admit that for some reason, I had never even tried a brussel sprout until I met my husband. I was missing out, though - I love them and we eat them quite often!

Sub Commander said...

MMMMMMMM. Some shallots, sprouts and browned butter do the body good!

Janet said...

mmm, one of my favorite veggies!

Nerdigrrl said...

yumm...I was inspired to do brussel sprouts last night for dinner.
Try this: slice the sprouts in a chiffonade, saute with rendered pancetta or bacon, shallots, and a bit of garlic until carmelized. Maybe throw in a splash of white wine or finish with a squeeze of lemon. nummers!

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