Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cocoa & Marshmallow Cupcakes

After last weeks yummy red velvet cupcakes Matt & I were discussing other flavors it might be fun to try making up. We started talking about a cupcake inspired by a cup of cocoa with marshmallows in it topped with whipped cream. I did some searching online to see if anyone had tried baking marshmallows in their cupcakes. Nigella Lawson had a recipe where she put one large marshmallow into the center of each cupcake before baking. She said it created a soft almost molten center. So, I figured I could put a couple mini marshmallows in a cupcake & they would make little pockets of marshmallow. I used this chocolate cupcake recipe, though I changed out the milk for buttermilk since I had it. Filled each cup part way, placed two marshmallows then topped with more batter. This is what they looked like after baking.
cocoa & marshmallow cupcake You can see the indentations where the marshmallows were. I frosted them with this Whipped Cream Frosting. Then grated some chocolate on top.
cocoa & marshmallow cupcakes Now it was time to taste. I bit in eagerly hoping to find a little pocket of marshmallow but as I had feared they just cooked away into the the batter. So basically it was a sweet chocolate cupcake & really not the best chocolate cupcake I've had. The frosting wasn't exactly the flavor I wanted either perhaps just using whipped cream would be best. If I try this again I will look for a different recipe for the batter & try using one large marshmallow to see if we get better results.

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