Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's in CSA box #5

We are on a flex plan with our CSA, which means we can choose which weeks we want a box, so because we were on vacation last week we had three weeks between deliveries instead of two. Our veggie drawers were looking pretty bare.
What's in CSA box #5

Fennel - One of these I'll roast with the beets for a salad. The other may be cooked with onions to go on a steak.

Red Beets - Oh, do I love beets. This is our first batch & candy striped & golden are yet to come.

Leaf Lettuce - For salads & on sandwiches

Cauliflower - I think this will be BBQed as a side dish with Indian BBQ Sauce.

Red Kale - Its too warm to use this in our favorite kale soup so I'll have to find a good summer use.

Red Kohlrabi - Probably will go in a slaw.

Purple Scallions - I might cook these up with the fennel.

Sugar Snap Peas - I think these will just get steamed tonight & eaten as a side dish

Strawberries - These are the last local strawberries of the season. Perhaps another shortcake is in order.

Fresh Garlic - We use garlic in a lot of cooking so this will be easy to use.


Anonymous said...

The fennel looks so good.. Need to get some while it lasts

Anonymous said...

make chips with your kale! wash and dry 1/2 bunch of kale. trim tough stems and cut into 2 inch pieces. Toss with some oil (olive, sesame, whatever), salt, pepper and some nutritional yeast if you have it. then lay them all out on parchment paper or a silpat and bake at 35 for 10-15 min. Delicious and healthy alternative to one of my favorite summertime snacks: potato chips.

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