Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ah, San Francisco

It's interesting, & a little odd, to be back in a city where you used to live as a tourist especially when you are staying in the most touristy section of town.
IMG_8689 IMG_8688 IMG_8673 IMG_8671 IMG_8687 IMG_8641
We've had great fun visiting our friends & eaten lots of fabulous food but today it back on a plane & home to the snow.


Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures! I love San Fran's Chinatown. So many great sights and smells!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

oh how I love San Fran. Have a safe flight home!

Peter M said...

Ahhh, one of my favourite cities...enjoy to the max!

giz said...

A grey day in San Fran is so much better than a white day at home. Don't you hate it when good things come to an end.

Anonymous said...

Oh...It's been ages since I last visted SF, great pics!

and btw yo,u knit? Cool! I guess you r a super creative woman:)

Unknown said...

Some day I am going to get to San Francisco. Those pictures make me want to go tomorrow!

Lori said...

So funny. I thought you two were from Minnesota and lived in San Fran. I guess because of your blogs.

San Fran is my favorite city. I have some fond memories there. Great place to visit but I wouldnt want to live there (unless of course I had tons of money).

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