Friday, January 9, 2009

What's in CSA box #18

Usually I would show you what we did with the last CSA box but really other than a Vegetable Curry we didn't do anything too exciting. We used a lot of things just as side dishes, mainly roasting them. Now on to box #18
What's in CSA box #18
This is the first of two extended season boxes we'll receive & then we are done until Spring.

Red Cipollini Onions - These little onions are perfect for stews & roasting. I'm thinking they'd be wonderful in a Beef Bourguigon.
Savoy Cabbage
Black Beans - Apparently our farm got frustrated trying to find organic black beans that were grown locally (or North America for that matter) so they decided to grow their own. These babies will be for chilies & soups.
Celeriac - I think I may mash this one
Golden Turnips
Black Radishes
Sunchokes - Matt thinks that roasted these taste a bit like plantains so perhaps I may have to create a meal like we used to get at Cha Cha Cha in San Francisco
Red Beets - I might be time to make some borscht though I don't have any beet greens
Red Turnips


Stacy and Brian's Adventures in Life said...

WOW! Your boxes are so nice. You are really convincing me to join a CSA this coming year. Thanks for sharing. the way - Tyler Florence has a wonderful celeric slaw that I made on NYE with crab cakes. Really yummy. Stacy

Alicia Foodycat said...

Those cipollini onions would also make a gorgeous onion tarte tatin with a cheese crust...

Lori said...

Can you pass me that celeriac,I just fell in love with it. It may not be pretty but it sure is tastey!

PG said...

I'd like to try cooking with the Red Cipollini Onions and Sunchokes.

I think one of my New Year's food resolutions should be to take part in a CSA-like program. I think the one in my city operates on a weekly basis - you order on Monday and get your basket on Wednesday, which would work well for a first-timer.

Is it Spring time yet?

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