Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daring Bakers' - Dark Chocolate Rum Milan Cookies

The July Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Nicole at Sweet Tooth. She chose Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies and Milan Cookies from pastry chef Gale Gand of the Food Network.

Ok, two days late but here is my version of the milans.
Dark Chocolate Rum Milans
I didn't want to add citrus flavor so I added some rum flavoring I had sitting around to the cookies. I thought the cookies were quite sweet so I went with bittersweet chocolate for the filling. These cookies were really rather easy. The hardest part was making pairs the same size to get a pretty cookie. The few that I made just circular rather than oval actually came out nicer & I'll do that next time. The original recipe said it made 3 dozen so I cut that to 1/3 which still yielded 2 dozen (the recipe never states how big your piped cookies should be so perhaps mine were smaller). Below is the recipe adapted to the smaller size with my notes in italics.

Milan Cookies

Recipe courtesy Gale Gand, from Food Network website
(adapted to be 1/3 the original quantity)

4 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened

2/3 cups + 2 T + 2 t powdered sugar

2 egg whites
2 t vanilla extract

1/2 t rum flavoring
1/2 cups all purpose flour

Cookie filling, recipe follows

Cookie filling:

2T + 2 t cup heavy cream
2 1/4 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped
 I used bittersweet. Chop it very fine to get that small amount of cream to melt it.

1. In a mixer with paddle attachment cream the butter and the sugar. I just used the regular beaters & it seemed fine.
2. Add the egg whites gradually and then mix in the vanilla and rum flavoring.

3. Add the flour and mix until just well mixed.

4. With a small (1/4-inch) plain tip, pipe 1-inch sections of batter onto a parchment-lined sheet pan, spacing them 2 inches apart as they spread.
 I used the tip that the other tips attach to which was about 1/2-inch & piped the cookies to be about 1 1/2-inch long. I used a silpad instead of parchment paper.
5. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 10 minutes or until light golden brown around the edges. Let cool on the pan.
 My cookies took between 13 & 15 minutes to get brown edges.
6. While waiting for the cookies to cool, in a small saucepan over medium flame, scald cream.
 If my microwave was working I would have just heated the cream & chocolate in there since the amount of cream was so small.
7. Pour hot cream over chocolate in a bowl, whisk to melt chocolate, add zest and blend well.

8. Set aside to cool (the mixture will thicken as it cools).

9. Spread a thin amount of the filling onto the flat side of a cookie while the filling is still soft and press the flat side of a second cookie on top.
 I did a thin amount & ended up with a lot of extra chocolate. Next time I'll do a thicker layer.
10. Repeat with the remainder of the cookies.

Makes about 2 dozen 1 1/2-inch long sandwich cookies

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© 2007-2009 Kathy Lewinski


Maria said...

Great job on the cookies, they look wonderful!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Love Milan cookies and these look wonderful. I think I could eat the whole batch!

Teenie said...

Your Milan's turned out so perfectly sized and delicate looking. The rum flavoring is a great idea - I'll try that.

Julie (Willow Bird Baking) said...

Mmm, rum flavoring sounds good! They look great!

Jen said...

Your milanos look great-- but I totally understand about trying to make the pairs of cookies fit together.

grace said...

citrus or rum, citrus or rum. good call. :)

Maris said...

Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies used to be my absolute favorite! These look about ten billion times better!

jillian said...

I went with bittersweet chocolate too. The rum sounds like it would pair really well.

Unknown said...

lovely cookies.. love milano

KALVA said...

wow lovely milano cookies

Whatever is me said...

Cute cookies!

Lisa said...

Your Milans not only look like the real thing, but ten times better due to the delicate, lacy browned edges. I too had trouble matching up cookies to sandwich, and when I got some perfect ovals, well close to perfect, I just turned the flaws to the other Great job on this challenge!

Kenna - said...

Your milan's look fantastic! It looks like yours turned out nice and crisp/brown, which I've heard was a challenge (I did the mallows). Great job!

Christina said...

I really like that you used rum flavoring! Great looking cookies!

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