Monday, March 15, 2010

Start of gardening season and weekly menu

There is still a few snow piles that haven't melted but yesterday's 61 degree weather has got us thinking about gardening.
Almost there
Well, at least about getting the plans together for this year's raised beds & starting a few seeds.
Garden Plan 2010
The jalapenos, anchos & broccoli are the first to start.
Seed Starting
Outdoors we are starting to see the garlic peek up. A lot of the herbs have surprisingly come back after the winter, I'm seeing parsley, oregano, Mexican oregano, mint, rosemary, sage & thyme green in the garden.
Garlic Sprouts
(look closely & you'll see the little green sprouts poking up.)

On to Menu Planning Monday...

Colcannon - Our nod to St. Patrick's Day

Italian Meatloaf - A dish we didn't get to last week

Pasta with Mushroom & Anchovy Sauce

Asian Tuna

Cherry & Almond Crusted Ham

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Unknown said...

We are also in the Minneapolis area and saw parsley in our garden. I couldn't figure out- was it just frozen in time with the snow or did it grow or what? Is it edible???

tamilyn said...

I have a raised box garden down here by Northfield and I could finally see the whole thing yesterday! I'm working on my plan too-look forward to digging in the warm dirt....

Beth (jamandcream) said...

How very organised Kat. My garden still looks like a builders yard - next weekend will be the big tidy up!!

George Gaston said...

kat & Matt... I am glad that the winter is waining and you are mapping out your garden. It gives us all hope that Spring is right around the corner ~ even in central westcoast Florida where we finally have some warm sunny days!

Delicious menu for the week... especially the intriguing Cherry & Almond Crusted Ham.

grace said...

you're such forward thinkers! i'm glad you have a plan of attack--bring on the garden goodies!

Fresh Local and Best said...

Oh you're so lucky to have such a diverse garden! I'm surprised to know that the herbs survive frost, they are amazingly resilient plants.

Maria said...

Yea for spring!

jillian said...

We are just waiting for the rest of the snow to melt for gardening. Your garden looks like it will be super organized! I will be making a similar chart.

Lori said...

Its an exciting time isnt it? THinking about the prospect of growing food. When do you start your seeds? All of them now? Or just a few? I really want to try that this year instead of buying prestarted plants.

kat said...

Lori - The seeds get started at different times for different plants. Like the peppers need 8 weeks before we can put them outside. If you click on Matt's plan picture above you should be able to read all his start dates & outdoor plant dates. We did just about everything from seed last year.

Kristin - I'm going to see if the parsley keeps growing once it gets warmer & then start eating it. Though the green parts in the garden now look fine.

Catherine said...

I'm about to start from seed this year, so your plan is very helpful :) Love the weekly menu!

Lori said...

Your garden is going to be great! I've got to get my thinking hat on for mine. My dad is coming down mid-April to help me plant it so it will have a bit of a later start. I'm hoping to get my herbs in before then.

PG said...

Now that the weather has been getting warmer, I'm starting to think about my garden. It'll be my first real attempt (previous attempts do not really count since they only produced 2 cucumbers and were limited to a space that got little sunlight).

I'm nervous though because I don't know much about gardening. Are there any good resources you would recommend?

kat said...

Psychograd - I recommend getting a book that is written for the area where you live. We have a book that is gardening in MN month by month which give us a good guide for our climate. Other than that you can get a lot of good basic gardening books at the library that show you the basics of seed starting etc. Really though you just have to play with your own garden & see what works. We discovered we do well with peppers last year but not so good with some other thing so we are planting different this year.

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