Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spicy Asian Salmon

In the span of two weeks, Minneapolis has gone from frost warnings to record high temps & humidity, gotta love the midwest. We made the most of it though & had friends over for a couple barbecues. The highlight was this Spicy Asian Salmon Matt grilled up Sunday night.
Spicy Asian Salmon
Matt had picked up some beautiful sides of wild Alaskan salmon from Wild Run Salmon at the Mill City Farmers Market last weekend with this preparation in mind. (By the way, I have never seen a vendor so proud of what he sells then the salmon vendor at the market. He's so happy to show you pictures of his family out catching the salmon & give you ideas on how to cook it.)

When we were in New Orleans we stopped by the Tabasco Country Store. We tried a few things & really fell in love with this sweet & spicy version.

Tabasco* says with its Asian flavors, this sauce is perfect for dipping & I bet it would be wonderful in a stir-fry but Matt instantly saw it as a glaze for grilled foods. He kept things simple & just mixed a little soy sauce into the TABASCO SWEET & Spicy to thin it out & add a little salt. When I tasted the glaze on its own, I was afraid it would be to spicy for wimpy me but, once on the food, there was just a pleasant heat. And just look at the beautiful color it gives that salmon! It was a huge hit with everyone at our bbq. I want to try it next on some chicken wings, perhaps with a little ginger added in as well. I haven't seen this particular version of Tabasco at any of our local grocery stores but it is available on their website & Amazon. Ok, here's the simplest recipe ever...

Spicy Asian Salmon

1/2 T soy sauce
4 skin- on salmon fillets

Mix the Tabasco & soy sauce together. Place on the grill meat side down for a minute or two to get nice grill marks. Flip over to cook on the skin side, and brush glaze on the salmon fillets. Continue cooking until the meat is flaky & cooked through.

4 servings

Have any of the glaze left mix it into some veggies to throw on the grill, yum!

*Tabasco didn't reimburse us in any way for this review.

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Stacey Snacks said...

The vendor should be proud!
There is nothing better than real "wild" salmon from the Pacific Northwest! I love it and we have such a short season available to us in NYC/NJ area.....6 weeks in the spring and then it's gone.......

Peter M said...

It's a thing of beauty when you can get top-notch fish like this. I would probably add a bit of sweetness, hint o' maple syrup?

grace said...

i had no idea there were variations of tabasco sauce--this is a great find indeed! the glaze on that fish makes this an incredibly tempting dish.

Girl Foodie said...

This looks simple and delicious. Especially with the same sauce over the veggies. Yum.

Fresh Local and Best said...

Wow! I'm loving that hot red splash on the salmon fillet! This looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine!

Lori said...

I really like the flavors tabasco has come out with lately. I'm a sucker for hot sauce. We recently tried the chipotle and it was awesome! This one sounds great and you can't go wrong with a simple recipe. It looks so good!

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

The salmon looks terrific!

Alicia Foodycat said...

That looks so good! I haven't seen this version of Tabasco, I'll have to keep an eye out.

Deborah said...

Yeah, we had snow early last week, but it was in the 80s by the weekend! This salmon sounds so easy and delicious!

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