Monday, July 5, 2010

Farmers Market Finds and the Weekly Menu 7/5 - 7/10/10

Despite the holiday our farmers market was still in full swing with Sunday with only a few missing vendors. It was a festive way to start off the 4th.
Farmer's Market Finds 7/4
This week's haul was pretty much just the basics. We keep getting there after all the raspberries are gone!
Cabbage - for coleslaw for a bbq Saturday
Lettuce - for lunch salads
New Potatoes - for the same Saturday bbq
Green Onions
Carrots - some of these will go in the coleslaw

I dont know about you but the biggest problem I have this time of year is having enough room for all the fresh produce in my fridge. Most things do best in the crisper drawer but just a head of cabbage or lettuce take up a whole drawer. One thing I've found that has helped is this Rubbermaid Produce Saver.
It has a tray on the inside so the lettuce doesn't sit in any water & the top is vented just like a crisper drawer. When I get home from the market I take clean my lettuce & rip it into salad & sandwich size then fill up the container. The first batch of lettuce I put in here stayed good for two weeks! Also I find I'm much more likely to make a salad when the lettuce is already clean & ready to go. One other thing I've found that helps keep our veggies fresh longer are those green bags, there are a couple different brands. I found things last much longer in them than regular plastic bags. I rewash them & use them over & over again, I have the same set for two years now.

On to Menu Planning Monday 7/5 - 7/10...

Grilled Porter House Steak with Green Bean & New Potatoes

Steak Salad to use up the leftover steak

Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken & Beet Pizza

Grilled Salmon perhaps with the first zucchini from our garden

Saturday we'll be breaking in the new patio with a bbq featuring a smoked pork shoulder & homemade smoked sausage.

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Beth (jamandcream) said...

You will have to get up earlier - less wine the night before :) then maybe you will get the raspberries

tamilyn said...

I have a big and a small container like that. I can clean my lettuce and keep in fridge, then make a salad to take to work and leave in fridge and it is nice and fresh. I like those green bags too-have had good luck with those.

ToyLady said...

I do the same thing with my produce - it's so much easier to use during the week if it's ready! I'm finding it's taking longer and longer to clean and put away the vegetables when I get home from the market - my husband would say it's because I'm buying too many!

Shaheen said...

Your green onions look almost crimson. Are they the crimson variety.

Sandy said...

Every week, I just want to come to your house for dinner. Menu planning is something I just haven't mastered. I hope that by reading your blog, I'll become a planner.

Lori said...

That produce saver definitely has my attention. My drawer is always full it seems. Those carrots you picked up look beautiful!

Steff @ The Kitchen Trials said...

Thanks for the tip about the Rubbermaid produce saver. Being able to eat all my veggies before they go bad is one of my biggest challenges. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a trip to the store to make. =)

Laurie H said...

We use the Evert-Fresh green bags. Bought some 3 years ago - they really do work (just about double the time produce lasts in the fridge, if not more) and are washable and reusable. We're still on our original set.

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