Friday, August 6, 2010

Pizza by the Pond at LoveTree Farm

If you live in the Twin Cities area you are probably familiar with LoveTree Farm the artisan cheesemakers who weekly sell their unique sheep, cow & goats cheeses at Kingfield, Mill City & St. Paul Farmers Markets. Now Dave & Mary are inviting people to come out to their farm on Thursday night's to enjoy some wood fired pizza, topped with their cheese, of course.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.
We arrived at the farm in the beautiful Trade Lakes area of Wisconsin, just in time for the sheep milking. After the sheep were taken care of it was time to head to the handmade pizza oven outside the cheese cave to place our dinner orders. We could create our own pizza or choose from one of the three combinations they suggested. We went for the Old Man Dave which featured sausage, bacon & brats (from a neighboring farm) along with a sheep/cow cheese & a goat cheese topped with a ton of vegetables. There was time to wander the farm & feed the cows some grass before our order number was called. Then it was time to sit back in the field & dig into some fabulous homemade pizza. Really there is nothing like the flavor of a wood fired pizza. Most versions I've had have had a thin crust but at LoveTree they kept the crust thicker which I loved, yum all that toasty bread at the edges. Talk about filling, I could barely finish two slices of our pizza! It really made for a fun evening out with a group & everyone at the farm was so welcoming, we felt like we were part of a family pizza party.

The details: LoveTree Farm is in Grantsburg, WI (it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get their from SW Minneapolis.). They serve pizza on Thursday nights from 4:30 until 8:00pm (sheep milking starts around 6:30). A single topping pizza starts at $22.00 with additional toppings costing $1 - $2. One will easily feed 3 - 4 people. LoveTree only sells the pizza so bring in your own beverages (alcohol is allowed). The setting is very rustic (there is a nice composting outhouse) so bring your own picnic gear. Our group brought chairs, blankets, tables & picnic dishes. It started to rain a bit & the nice people at the farm provided us with a canopy to sit under. Get all the details on their website.

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shopgirl said...

the slide show was great. sounds like a fabulous time!!! Very different than your farm to table experience. Interesting to see the contrast. Two great dining experiences, very different aesthetic going on. Neat to see both!

Recipe for Delicious said...

So jealous. So, so jealous.

Lori said...

Some seriously great looking pizza. Looks like a fun experience.

Made2Order said...

ahem! where's my invite?!


Tangled Noodle said...

As if I needed another reason to return to Kingfield! But I must return to pick up some LoveTree Farm cheese! It looks so bucolic and how fun to have pizza by the pond!

Manisha said...

I'm becoming such a groupie of A Good Appetite. This weekend we made the tequila-lime marinade for fajitas AND I had a wood-fired pizza at the Loring Art Fair! Both were fantastic!

Lori said...

That is fantastic! I really think local cheese makers and their products are my new passion. I just loved seeing the great pictures!

Jess said...

Looks like fun! We had talked to Mary about this a couple weeks ago but we haven't had the chance to go out to the farm yet. SOON.

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