Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Season!

It's September and that means the University of Minnesota Apple House is open for apple season.
University of Minnesota Apple House
I've mentioned this in year's past, the University of Minnesota is quite big in the development of new apple varieties. They were the ones who created the Honey Crisp and Sweet Tango among others. We like to visit the Apple House a couple times in the fall to stock up for the winter. (If stored correctly, apples can last 3 - 4 months.)
University of Minnesota Apple House
Of course, they have all the big names as they come into season, like these Sweet Tango at $17.50 a 1/2 peck! (By the way, there is a limited supply so if you want Sweet Tangos, I'd get out there.)
We prefer to try some of the unnamed varieties for $8.45.
University of Minnesota Apple House
For our daily lunchtime apple, we went with the MN 1849. It is not too sweet and not too tart. It has a crisp texture and not too big. I prefer a smaller apple for eating. We really enjoyed this apple last year too.
University of Minnesota Apple House
There is a section where you can buy different varieties of apples by the pound if you don't want a 1/2 peck of just one. We picked up just enough of MN 1691 to make apple pie for our Labor Day picnic. This parent of the Zestor is tart and crisp. It isn't firm, so it cooks to a nice soft texture in pie. I love the tart apple flavor with the sugar and cinnamon in pie.
University of Minnesota Apple House
The Apple House is busily picking varieties as the are ripe. You can find an approximate list of when things will be in store here. You can also call their Apple House hotline 952-443-1409 for a daily update of what is available.
University of Minnesota Apple House
It's been a tough season for Minnesota apple growers with a late frost and hail storms, so we are certainly going to appreciate whatever bounty we can get.

The AppleHouse is located 1.5 miles west of the Arboretum entrance in Chanhassen on State Highway 5 and Rolling Acres Road. Visitors can shop from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. While there you can also purchase other seasonal vegetable, U of M cheeses and ready to bake apple pies plus apple and garden related gifts. If you're hungry while you're there you can enjoy a caramel apple sundae or a m&m studded caramel apple on the patio.

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Jess said...

I was hoping this would be close to the U of MN St. Paul campus (which is close to my house). But I think I'll be making a trip out to Chanhassen soon! This looks like fun!

Lori said...

I know. I hope we can enjoy as much as we have in years past. We love our apples.

I did not know that Honey Crisp came from there! Very cool. It is one of my favs. Was priced high for a while but this year it came down a little bit.

Crispins or Matsus have always been my fav. Although I used to like a 20 ounce sprinkled with salt. Hmmm. My mouth is watering!

Lori said...

I love apple season! How neat that you get to try all those new varieties so soon. UK has a research farm, but no access like this. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Arboretum mention in your blog post! We LOVE apple time, and the fall colors at the Arb this year will be amazing! Kat, keep an eye on your inbox for a special foodie invitation from me at the Arboretum. Wishing you lots of Good Eatin'!

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