Monday, February 19, 2007

Country Sky Chinese Cuisine

With Chinese New Year being this weekend I mentioned to Matt that I'd like to go for dim sum. We've never gone out for it together before & have talked about the fact we needed to. Matt remembered he had seen a new dim sum place list in the SF Weekly list of new restaurants right in our neighborhood so we decided to try it for lunch today.
Country Sky
Country Sky is a small restaurant with maybe 8 tables decorated in your typical, though not over the top, Chinese restaurant style. There were 3 other tables of diners while we were there on this holiday Monday. The menu has full Chinese dinners & lunches specials but we came to taste the dim sum. At Country Sky you order the dim sum from the menu and it is cooked fresh for you instead of choosing from a cart like in some bigger restaurants. We ordered 4 items each ranging in price from $3.50 to $4.95. All can 3 to an order. We were first given a bowl of egg flower soup. We were told that this was because dim sum takes a little longer to cook than other things on the menu. First to arrive were shrimp dumplings and bbq pork buns both steaming hot.
Shrimp Dumpling
I thought the quality of the shrimp was very good here.
bbq pork buns
I love pork buns & these had a lovely fluffy bun. The pork filling was fabulous too with nice tender pork. I could have eaten two more of these at least.
Then came the pan fried chive dumplings something I've never had before.
pan fried chive dumplings
These were great! The filling tasted so fresh & included nice big pieces of shrimp which we didn't expect.
Finally the pork siu mai
pork siu mai
I also really enjoyed the filling on this dish. I've had dim sum before where I felt maybe the meat wasn't the best in texture but this was nicely done.

This was a great light lunch for us & at only $14.40 we'll definitely go back & try more things on the menu that are new to us. Plus they have free delivery & we've been looking for a good one so we'll give them a try.

Country Sky is on Steiner Street in San Francisco between Chestnut and Lombard in the Marina.

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