Friday, February 23, 2007

Favorite things - indoor grilling

Last night's dinner made me think about how I always thought living in an apartment with no outdoor space limited your opportunities to grill until Matt introduced me to the joy of the grill pan. Yes, this doesn't give you the same flavor as grilling over charcoal or wood but it still has a lot of the healthy advantages of grilling & the flavor can be great. We have a big cast iron grill pan but its so heavy & so hard to clean I was never happy using it. Then we got our Calphalon Grill Pan which is non-stick & cleans up so much easier (it still takes a little scrubbing but nothing like the cast iron which we'll keep for camping).
We find it perfect for steak, chicken, burgers & vegetables. I can't imagine not having one now. At only $39.99 this pan has been worth a lot more than its price to us.

A good indoor grilled steak is even better with a great marinade & we love this one from Viansa Winery.
Its best when the steak has marinaded in it all day & takes on its rich red wine flavor. Plus when we run out we have to make a trip to Sonoma to get more, bummer.

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~Camille said...

when we lived in an apt. we bought an electric grill that made our food taste like it was cooked on a regular grill. it was a tall upright grill, about 2 ft in diameter (i think) and it was blue. I think it may be a charbroil brand. Look into it. It was great!

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