Thursday, January 10, 2008


This was a meal that took some planning since you are supposed to let it sit overnight. I used the bolognese recipe from Joy of Cooking.
First day you make the sauce.
Bolognese Sauce
Which is really just carrots, celery, onions, ground meat, white wine & a little tomato paste. Then you let that cook for 2 hours adding 1 1/2 cups milk 2 tablespoons at a time throughout the cooking process while also skimming off fat. So really you can't just walk away & let it cook for the two hours you have to attend it.
The second day you just skim off any fat & reheat it & serve over pasta.
Bolognese & Garlic Bread
It was supposed to be over tagliatta but since we have a hard time finding any specialty pastas at the stores here we went with fettucine.
This was ok, really not great. It was kind of like a not very tomatoey sloppy joe sauce over pasta. I thought it would be richer, perhaps the fact I used skim milk instead of whole milk made a difference. I'm not sure what I expected as I've never had it as far as I can remember. I think because I've been reading Heat which is so full of Italian cooking I wanted to try something new.

So, since I don't think this recipe is worth making again I won't post the recipe. We have half the sauce in the freezer which we plan on adding peas too & turning into shepard's pie.

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