Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nothing could be better

than a loaf of fresh baked bread. Matt is still in San Francisco & I'm cooking for one the rest of this week but decided that was no reason to resort to store bought bread.
This is made from the same recipe as the Homemade Hamburger Buns only doubled. I brushed it with melted butter instead of an egg wash & cooked it for 45 minutes.
perfect crumb
Look at that beautiful crumb. Who would think that was possible from a no knead bread.


Peter M said...

Kat, that's a huge bread but indeed fluffy. Imagine making a sandwich with this?

kat said...

Peter - Oh I had a lovely ham sandwich on it today. It is such good sandwich bread!

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

That hamburger bun recipe really rocked and I am so glad you found it and posted it. Thanks again for sharing. Again, I will have to try this too...

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