Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's in the CSA box #4

Here's what can from Harmony Valley Farm this week...
CSA box #4

Strawberries - The first pick of the season. These little beauties pack an amazing flavor. We had them simply over vanilla ice cream last night & it was better than any fancy dessert.

Napa Cabbage - A stir-fry staple

Broccoli - The broccoli from the farm has been sender & tender, perfect for just a quick steam as a side dish.

Potato Onions - They are a genetic cross between potatoes & onions but really are most like a shallot. Apparently they are easier to grow than other onions.

Red Komatsuna - Another Asian green that we've never tried. It is supposed to be good in salads & stir-fries.

Kohlrabi - I think I'm going to try a slaw made with this


Garlic Scapes - The most fun ingredient in the box with its wreath-like shape. The farm suggest frying them in a little butter & I think that sounds like heaven.

All the Midwest rain & hail has effected our farm a little with crops like peppers, okra & tomatoes being completely lost. Luckily they had a second crop of tomatoes & okra in the greenhouse they could replant for a slightly later harvest. Lettuces were also hard hit by the hail so a for a few weeks there won't be a any salad greens available. Buying a share like this really gives you a sense of what how the weather can effect food resources & the livelihood of farmers.


giz said...

Nice CSA box. It's kind of like getting a present isn't it? I like scapes with the butter - I have some in my garden and think I'll do exactly that.

Betsy said...

I sliced up my kholrabi into sticks and marinated them in vinegar and sugar, in the fridge overnight. They make great little pickles. Perfect with a chinese meal.

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