Friday, September 12, 2008

What's in CSA box #10

What's in CSA box #10

Raspberries - I think I'll freeze some of these to use later.

Mini Sweet Peppers - Some will go into stir-fry, others into tonight's dinner of sausage & peppers, not sure about the rest yet.

Edamame - I really like them boiled as a snack. We are thinking of buying 10 pounds from the farm to freeze for the winter has anyone ever frozen edamame?

Yellow & Red Onions - Seems we use garlic & onions in almost everything. The red onions will go in sausage & peppers.

Adirondack Red Potatoes - Most likely I 'll roast some of these & a few others I'll mash with the Celeriac

Garlic - I'm thinking of using some of the garlic we've gotten to plant in my own garden for next year.

Green Savoy Cabbage - we'll use this in stir-fries & salads

Baby Bok Choy - Stir-fry

Cucumbers - Matt wants me to make up some more pickles.

French Orange Melon - We'll have it for breakfast with some mini cinnamon rolls

Zucchini - They say this is close to the last of the season for these. This one is destine for stir-fry

Japanese eggplant - This was our choice vegetable this week, we took one just for stir-fry.

Arugula - Some for salads & some for on pizza. I may blanch some to freeze.

Green Beans - Perhaps I'll pickle some of these.

Tomatoes - Perhaps a homemade pizza sauce one night.

Celeriac - I love this in a mash


Lori said...

Theres a recipe for arugula pesto that sounds good.

I so need to do this CSA next year. I have bene inquiring at the market to see who does it. I still need to learn more about it.

Leslie said...

Lovely box!
I love Edamame with sea salt! I good and healthy snack!

Vicki said...

Hi Kat -
I've never frozen edamame myself, but I buy it frozen all the time, so I'm sure you could do it. Probably freeze on sheets in one layer, then transfer to a bag.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Maybe blanch the edamame first? That's a fantastic looking box of produce. How exciting!

Sara said...

Definitely probably want to blanch the edamame for a couple of minutes first. Kind of like you do when you freeze green beans. And I'd flash-freeze it on a cookie sheet and then put it in freezer bags or freezer containers. You get quite an assortment in your CSA, it all looks great!

Anonymous said...

I froze my edamame last year. I blanched them, then shelled them. I used them in vegetable soup and they were great.

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