Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's in CSA box #11

Look at this amazingly beautiful haul from the CSA this week. The colors just blew me away.
What's in CSA box #11
Here's what we got & a few of our plans...

* Baby Turnips - Some I'll roast & some will probably go into a soup.

* Carrots - One will go in my pot pie tonight, some into soup.

* Radishes - I'm planning on a radish sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Matt isn't a huge radish fan but I'll eat a couple everyday just sprinkled with a little salt.

* Tomatoes - We haven't gotten many tomatoes this year because of hail & flooding in the spring. I'm eying that big yellow one for a tart for my dinner tomorrow night.

* Garlic - I think we are going to plant most of this bulb in the garden. We use so much of it that Matt would like to try his hand at growing our own, plus this way we'll also get more garlic ramps in the spring!

* Raspberries - We may have to make some jam this weekend because we can't seem to eat these fast enough. The newsletter mentioned raspberry jalapeno jam & this sounds good to me or can you imagine a raspberry jalapeno cupcake?

* Broccoli - I think this is our favorite veggie. We'll eat it steamed & in some pasta.

* Spinach - I think I may steam & then freeze this to use in lasagna later.

* Edamame - This week's newsletter gave instructions on freezing these. Those of you who suggested blanching them & then freezing them flat on a baking sheet were right about that being the correct method. I'm pretty sure we'll freeze these.

* Cauliflower - I think we'll have some "Indian" bbq next week using these.

* Red Onions - Always a staple for us

* Variety of Peppers - There are some sweet & mild red & orange peppers here & one jalapeno. I think I'll roast some of these for a dip.

* Leaf Lettuce - no big plans, I love this lettuce on sandwiches

* Melon - Not sure if this is a French Orange or a Serenade. It'll be part of our Sunday breakfast. I love the small size of the melons we get, its so perfect for the two of us.


Stacey Snacks said...

Kat, I am adding you to my blogroll, I am sorry it took me so long!!!

Stacey Snacks

Nick said...

Looks great! We are part of the same CSA, and feature what we do with it too (though mostly just pictures and captions):

Anonymous said...

you're right... they are amazingly beautiful... :)

Alicia Foodycat said...

Please let me help you with those raspberries!

Anonymous said...

Another option to do something more sweet/savory with the raspberries is a raspberry chipotle sauce. I don't have a particular recipe in mind, but I'm sure a search online could turn up something. Really good on chicken and shrimp as a marinade.

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