Saturday, June 7, 2008

Radish Sandwich

This week we got our second bunch of radishes in our CSA box. The first bunch made a great Thai salad & I figured this bunch would most likely also go the salad route. Then I was reading Eating Out Loud the other day & he made a Spicy Radish Sandwich which inspired me to make one of my own.
Radish Sandwich
Where he went a little South Asian with his sandwich flavoring it with garam masala, I took mine on a more Eastern European path.
I toasted some slices of my homemade buttermilk bread then added some light sour cream. I sprinkled a generous amount dill on top of the sour cream. Then I thinly sliced my radishes length-wise & added a layer of those with a pinch of salt. Finally I added a layer of spring salad greens.
Radish Sandwich
Yum, this was such a crisp, flavorful lunch. I love the flavor of the sour cream & dill with the slightly spicy radishes. There is one thing that would have made this sandwich perfect, a really good dark Russian or Latvian bread. I have plenty of radishes left so maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

This looks pretty good! Do you get Harmony Valley, too? I rave about them to everyone, even if they are a little more expensive than some of the others.

I am so anxious to pick up my fruit!! Thanks for the great recipes. We're going to try the Chicken and Spring Green Stir-fry and the Peanut Marinated Flank Steak with Hon Tsai Tai.

kat said...

Dylanfan - Yes, we get Harmony Valley too. Its our first year & so far we are thrilled. We didn't do fruit tis year just veggies.
Love to hear how the recipes turn out for you!

Allen said...

I like your combination of dill and sour cream, Kat -- it looks wonderful!

kat said...

Allen - Thanks. Yours sounded so good I could resist trying one

LaFleur said...

Those are some big honking radishes! Looks good!

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