Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's about the food...

We are flying back to Minnesota from California today (to a bit of snow I hear). We've really enjoyed our visit, getting to see friends, enjoying the warm weather (ok, they think its cold here) but most of all enjoying the food.
A San Francisco Burrito
We always have to get a Mission burrito when we are here. We've learned to like Chipotle but we miss these burritos so much. Really it's about the Spanish rice & the melted cheese.
Sushi is another must have while we are in the Bay Area. I hear there is some good sushi in Minneapolis but I can't get past the idea of eating raw fish in a place with no coast.
Pomegranate Yogurt with Pomegranates
After sushi last night we tried Red Mango, a frozen yogurt shop on University Ave in Palo Alto. Their yogurt is all natural & really has a strong yogurt flavor. Right now they have a pomegranate yogurt which I had topped with fresh pomegranate seeds, so good!
Hobie's Blueberry Coffee Cake
This morning we headed over to Hobie's for breakfast. To me Hobie's means one thing, coffee cake. They make this amazing light blueberry coffee cake. They serve you a huge piece that's warm & topped with tons of melting butter. Matt got their seasonal cranberry coffee cake & thought the tartness of the cranberries was perfect with the sweet topping.
Sprinkles' Red Velvet Cupcake
I heard that Sprinkles, the famous cupcake store in LA, had opened a store in the Stanford Center. Since we were staying within walking distance I had to go try it out. I have to admit I wasn't blown away. I found the cupcake to be a little dry & the cream cheese frosting was way too sweet. I'm glad I got to try them out but next time I'll head to Kara's Cupcakes since they have opened a location in the Town & Country Center.


Peter M said...

That plate of sushi looks so delish...despite it being 9am here!

Have a safe trip home.

Stacey Snacks said...

I have never met a cupcake that I have loved, though I like the decoration on the Sprinkles' one.

The coffee cake looks fabulous.
Have a good trip home.

HungryinSW said...

You guys are living the right way...

Jen said...

Looks like you had a delicious trip... I've never really though about the sushi/coast thing. We are sort of near the coast here in DC but I'm sure most of the fish gets flown in from the Pacific.

Lori said...

The first sushi I ever tried was in San Fran. How perfect was that? Okay Japan would be a perfect place to try sushi for the first time.

Well Mexican food. I have to say there is some amazing place in Phoenix and I loved it in Mexico of course but I really love our local Mexican place. So funny!

Have a safe trip home Kat. No delays or anything like that!

Stephen Gross said...

Where did you get sushi? We were in CA too this past week; we went to the Japantown mall and feasted on the sushi-from-mini-boats-on-the-canal.

Giff said...

oh you are taking me back. I miss Hobie's coffee cake, and Taqueria Cancun on Mission.

Lori said...

Look at all that amazing food! That burrito looks so good. I'm not a fan of Chipotle, but I do like Qdoba. That picture reminds me of a place in IN, tho, on Purdue's campus. They used to advertise burritos as big as your head. Ha, ha!

Beautiful sushi and that pomegranate yogurt looks like it would be unreal. Thanks so much for sharing pics from your visit

Anonymous said...

ooh the yogurt and sushi look so good! Great photos!

Beth G. @SweetLifeKitchen said...

Those are all reasons I love living in Cali! Isn't Red Mango yummy!? I completely agree with you on Sprinkles and being in LA, just do not get the obsession! :O)

Anonymous said...

wow, everything looks so delicious. If you liked Red Mango, you should try Chicago's frozen yogurt Berry Chill. I'm jealous that you had sushi in San Fran. I imagine it's so tasty and fresh there.

Sam said...

That frozen yogurt looks so good!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! That yogurt looks so good! and the burrito. Your pictures here are making me want to go to San Fran. Right now.

giz said...

We take a trip, we see some people, yeah, nice to visit - let's move on to the food part which obviuosly is the BIG hit. Love it. We're all the same.

grace said...

that's some good-looking food all around, but i don't think i've ever seen such delectable coffee cake in all my life. perhaps it's something to do with the pat o' butter sitting on top... :)

Alicia Foodycat said...

How good does that yoghurt look? Yum!

janelle said...

Thanks for the tip on Red Mango; those pomegranate seeds look fabulous! We just had a Red Mango land in our neighborhood and I hadn't tried it yet!

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