Monday, December 22, 2008

What we did with CSA box #16 & what's in box #17

We don't have much to show from what we did with CSA box #16. We were in the California for one week right after the box came. THe nice thing is a lot of this type of produce stores for awhile so we are keeping it fresh & cool in our basement root cellar.
Mac & Cheese with Butternut Squash Matt's Vegetable Rice Soup
1. Mac & Cheese with Squash 2. Matt's Vegetable Soup
On to box #17. This is our last regular season box (yes, this late in MN). We have two extended season boxed coming in January & then we're done until May. Luckily there is a winter farmer's market once a month a Local D'Lish so we can still get some good local produce through the tough months.
What's in CSA box #17 
Sunchokes - We'll roast these & serve them with pork.
Carrots - Yes, more carrots. I think I'll make some Morning Glory Muffins while my parents are here.
Red Cabbage - This will be turned into a warn cabbage salad for Christmas Eve to be served with Swedish Meatballs.
Red Potatoes
Festival Squash - I'll steam these in the oven with butter.
Parsnips - We love them in soups, stew & roasted though I'm thinking a parsnip mash might be called for.
Red & Gold Turnips - We used some already in beef stew. It think we may roast some.
More Radish
Parsley Root - Gotta figure this one out.
Red Beets - I love roasted beets & have a hard time doing anything else with them.


Alexa said...

What a lovely assortment of seasonal vegetables! I love the vibrant colors. It sounds like you put it to good use. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I was wondering if you could tell me which csa you go with. I live in Mpls, too, and we've been thinking of joining one, but haven't figured out which one. You seem happy with yours. Thanks in advance. Also, have fun in Duluth. That's where I grew up and Mom says they have a TON of snow!

kat said...

Our CSA is Harmony Valley Farm We have been really happy with them & the variety we get.

giz said...

Happy Holidays Kat -hope you and yours enjoy a healthy, safe and peaceful time.

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