Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's in CSA box #1 '09

What's in CSA box #1 '09
We've been so ready for our CSA season to start here in MN. It always brings such inspiration to our kitchen to get fresh seasonal goodies from Harmony Valley Farm. Spring boxes are of course lighter than those we'll get in mid to late summer but they usually include some interesting items.

Overwintered Parsnips - We like parsnips both roasted & mashed

Ramps - We had our first taste of ramps last year & have been really looking forward to getting them again this year. I'll be making a ramp & potato tart tonight.

Sunchokes - I like these roasted with a little olive oil & salt, yum.

Burdock - I'll admit last year I left the burdock at the CSA pick-up for someone else because I had no idea what to do with it. I hear it is good fried into chips so we'll try that.

Rhubarb - Crisp? Pie? Jam? Something sweet & yummy

Black Radish - I might try pickling these

Overwintered Spinach - I plan on sauteing some as a side with chicken. The rest will be a salad

Sorrel - This will get sautéed & mixed with couscous for a side to Moroccan chicken. Its lemony flavor should mix well.

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Maria said...

Lucky you! Enjoy!

billjac said...

I've found over my last CSA season that, if I can't find good recipes for an ingredient, find out what other names it has and look under those terms. In Japansese, Burdock roots are called gobo and there are lots of simple rustic recipes for salads and soups using it. here are a few. They don't seem your style, really, but you might give one a try.

Giff said...

I have to wait to mid June for our CSA to start up again!

ramps look gorgeous. I've been having a field day making various things with ramps foraged from the spot Marc at No Recipes showed me. My favorite remains simply broiling with olive oil and salt. But I'm definitely in love with ramps.

I need to get ahold of some sunchokes.

Unknown said...

I was also going to add that the Japanese pickle the burdock root into a very interesting pickle (kinpira gobo) that is great for making Sushi. I think people often mistake it for carrot in Sushi since the pickle's color is very deep orange. I'm envious of your sunchokes. We're super-low on storage potatoes and some other starchy thing would be nice right about now.

Ramps in scrambled eggs. Can't beat it for the world.

Greta said...

We're on the Brown week - so nothing for us till next week. Can't wait!!!

Lori said...

My Aunt makes a mean sorrel soup. In Polish we call it, schauff ( phonically spelled.)

Char said...

We loved the burdock chips last year. With the 2nd bunch I tried pickling them with a recipe I found online... won't be doing that again.

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