Thursday, May 21, 2009

What we did with CSA box #1 and what's in #2

This has been a pretty fun box to work with. Along with the items below we had a few spinach salads & had ramps in a tasty omelette. We tried making the burdock chips but I accidently burned them to a crisp.
What We Did With CSA Box #1
And box #2
What's in CSA box #2
We are heading our of town to Matt's parents this weekend so we'll take a lot of this box with us & I'm not sure what the plans to use them will be yet.

Sunchokes - Someone posted this link to a great sounding dip on the HVF Yahoo Group that I'll try tomorrow. I'm also thinking these would make great chips.

Rhubarb - More desserts on the way

Parsnips - I still have a few of these left from the last box too. Time to research some new parsnip recipes.

Spinach - This spinach looks wonderful & perfect for salads.

Ramps - Matt's parents have never been able to find ramps where they live so we'll be bringing these to share.

Green Garlic - These would be good in the Ramp & Buttermilk Biscuits I made last week. 

Egyptian Walking Onions - I think I want these just grilled like we do with knob or spring onions.

Salad Mix

Sauté Greens - Sautéd with a little garlic or green garlic this is a favorite side in our house. They also work well in savory tarts.

Asparagus - We are making Grilled Asparagus Paninis tomorrow

Herb pack - Already planted in the garden for a whole summer's use.

Spring Radishes - I may pickle these, they are such the perfect little size.

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Christina Kim said...

A box of inspiration!

Laurie said...

I tried making the burdock chips last year and burned them to a crisp as well. They hit the oil and basically vaporized! Our friends made burdock pickles - those turned out very tasty!

billjac said...

Have you considered breaking out the ice cream churn for rhubarb sorbet? Rhubarb/strawberry if you want to be wimpy about it.

kat said...

billjac - that is so funny, I did just decided to make Rhubarb sorbet after Two Peas & Their Pod just did a great post on it. I'll leave out the strawberries as they aren't in season here yet.

Alicia Foodycat said...

What the heck is an Egyptian walking onion?

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