Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Changes for a New Year

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time you know Matt and I love food. We love to cook it and eat it. Well, 7 years of enjoying food together has taken its toll on our figures, so this year we decided we needed to do something about it.
Changes for a New Year
Now, we aren't going to go on a fad diet or start fasting or anything. Instead we are going to focus on the basics, counting calories and trying to get more exercise. Not glamorous at all. Counting calories can be a little tedious, we are using the free Lose It app to help. (So far, I like the app, but hate the website.)

This doesn't mean A Good Appetite is going to turn into a weight loss blog. But it does mean you will probably see calorie totals with our recipes in the future and less recipes for things like Mac & Cheese. I'm interested to see how much we eat has to change to meet our goals and what the recipes we already use come in at calorie-wise. (I was already surprised to see my Sweet Potato Curry is only 201 calories per serving, not bad for a curry.)

Our plan is to still have lots of interesting, tasty food to share with you, while we pay attention to our health at the same time. Happy New Year!

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Lisa Paul said...

WElcome to the club! I highly recommend the LiveStrong program as a great calorie counter and exercise tracker. Membership is free and there is an app version for being on the go.

Alicia Foodycat said...

I'm pretty excited about this - I'm also making an effort to lose weight without it showing too badly in the blog!

kml said...

Good luck!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Happy new year! Looking forward to your more healthier recipes!

Kristen said...

I bet you will love the recipe function on LoseIt. It's so handy and easy!

BamaCarol said...

After undergoing a triple bypass this past June, I kind of had to change the way I ate. Also started exercising as well and am now doing a cardio class 2 days a week (solid cardio for an hour) and swimming 45 minutes, twice a week. Exercise is the key for me but I have lost 45 pounds. My reward was to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant once I lost 40 pounds but but the food just didn't appeal to me as much as it used to. I think changing my habits slowly over the last 6 months has been for the good and I am much more interested in fresh, well prepared and seasoned food that I can taste and that isn't covered with a sauce of some kind. Best of luck to both of you!

Manisha said...

I think you both make really good soups, which mostly all seem to be healthful and full of great flavor. If you are at all considering requests, I would love to see more soup recipes. Several are already in my regular routines.

Debbie @ healthy eating plan said...

I Love your recipes here, good for those health conscious people like me :).

More power & GOD BLESS

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