Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just in time for Easter

Ever wonder what to do with those Peeps from your Easter basket? Well, Tricia from Cheeky Attitude shared her recipe for Peeps S'mores with us.

Warning! Peeps were harmed in this photo, originally uploaded by Tricia@cheeky attitude.

Peeps S'more (makes 1 s'more)

One graham cracker broken in half
Square of dark chocolate

Put one half of graham cracker on a plate or napkin top with Peep. Put in microwave and set timer to about 40 seconds. Start. WATCH as Peep starts to puff up. STOP the microwave before it gets too big (about 20 seconds or so) Slap square of chocolate on to peep very quickly. Top with 2nd half of graham cracker. The heat of the peep melts the chocolate just enough and the Peep's sugar coating adds an extra crunch.

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