Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Matt and I headed downtown this weekend for some shopping & the Chinese New Year Parade which also meant lunch at 'wichcraft.
We first heard about 'wichcraft on Top Chef when the contestants had to create a sandwich for the menu. The tie-in was obvious since Tom Colicchio, the head judge on Top Chef, started 'wichcraft. Since opening in the new Westfield Center downtown this has been our lunch choice when shopping and a great way to avoid the craziness that is the Westfield food court. I think Matt's favorite food is the sandwich so this place is his dream restaurant with its interesting combinations, these are not your corner deli sandwiches. The restaurant has a nice clean modern look brighten up with two walls of windows but doesn't look like a cafeteria.
The sandwiches we've tried so far have been great. We've both especially liked their grilled cheese sandwiches; Matt, the cheddar with smoked ham, pear and mustard on cranberry pecan bread and me, the gruyére and caramelized onions on rye. On another visit Matt had the roasted pork with red cabbage, jalapeños and mustard on a ciabatta which he said was great. This visit I had the chicken salad with walnuts, roasted tomatoes, pickled onions and frisée on multi-grain bread. It was one of the best chicken salads I've had in a long time, the thing that made it so special was the tang of the pickled onions. Matt had the goat cheese sandwich with avocado, celery, watercress and walnut pesto on multi-grain. He felt this sandwich was a little bland & left him wishing he'd ordered the grilled cheddar instead. He also got the potato soup with parsley oil which he raved about. The sandwiches are big so unless you are really hungry get just a whole sandwich or get the half sandwich and a cup of soup. Both also come with a bag of chips (mine expired on my birthday by the way, strange)
these expire on my birthday
Now I have to say the main reason I was excited to go to 'wichcraft was for the oatmeal cookie cream'wich, basically two thin oatmeal cookies with a cinnamon cream in the middle...oh heaven. Since I first had one I've been wanting to go back for more but when we got there there wasn't one in the case! I asked just in case they just weren't out only to be told that they didn't have them anymore and that they'd been replaced with a graham cookie version instead. Ok, ok I gave the graham version a chance (as well as the peanut butter & chocolate versions)
cream cookies
It was good I liked the cream cheese tanginess of the filling but it was not a cookie I would crave, it was just missing that something special the oatmeal cookie had. The peanut butter cream'wich was just way too peanut buttery and only for the biggest fan of the legume. The cookie itself is nice & light & slightly flaky but too much for our tastes with the peanut butter filling. The chocolate cookie is truly for the chocolate fan, a very intense flavor, this is Matt's new favorite if he can't get the oatmeal. Tom, Tom, please bring back my oatmeal cookies!

Sandwiches run from $5.50 to $9.00 & include the chips, soup is $4.00 for a cup & cream'wiches are $1.00


Anonymous said...

They also have a great tuna sandwich and potato cheddar soup! YUM!

shopgirl said...

I was reading about the tequilla chicken, and it said I might like this article. I would like this article even better if it was today, and we could go to 'witch craft together!

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