Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our first box from the farm

Matt & I decided to try Community Supported Agriculture this year & bought a half share from Harmony Valley Farm in Wisconsin. So from now through late fall we'll be getting a box of fresh organic vegetables (& some fruit) every other week. We were excited to get our first box today. Its still quite early here in the Northern Midwest but we did get an interesting selection.
Our first box from the farm
Here's whats in the box; parsnips, sorrel, sunchokes, rhubarb, horseradish, spinach, chives & ramps. Also they included some pussy willow branches just to use as decoration.
Most things here I know straight away how they'll be used. The rhubarb will go into a crisp, the parsnips will be roasted and the spinach in tonight's pasta & salads. But I have never used ramps, fresh horseradish or sunchokes before. The farm does give us some recipes but anyone else out there have a great recipe using any of these items?
I can't wait for the next box because it includes herbs to plant in our garden!


toontz said...

Wow, what a great selection! There have been several photos with dishes made with ramps lately on Tastespotting. Maybe you can check those out. Horseradish I would probably process (grate) and freeze to use later. I have no idea what a sunchoke is and how to use it.

MrOrph said...

I really wish that I had that service available to me here in the ATL area.

Kat, try this ramp recipe from my Louisville friend:

It really looks wonderful. Unfortunately, I have to order my ramps online. Local produce is soooooo much better on soooooo many levels.

Anonymous said...

The selection looks very nice especially for this time of year in WI. I've heard good things about Harmony, keep us posted, okay?

Stacy and Brian's Adventures in Life said...

I found a recipe for Sunchoke Latkes while going through an old stack of Cooking Light magazines.


Sunchoke Latkes

kat said...

mrorph - thanks for the link, it was a great launching pad for the wonderful risotto we made tonight.

Stacy - Oh those Latkes look good!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, this was the same farm I got mine from last year. :)

Fresh horseradish would be terrific on roast beef--that's how I use it, minced.

Parsnip-carrot soup is quite fantastic. I made one from and was pleasantly satisfied.

The sunchokes are great just steamed--taste a lot like artichoke hearts, great in pasta as well.

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