Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What I did with my CSA box

As I mentioned in an earlier post we decided to do Community Supported Agriculture this year & became a member of Harmony Valley Farm. Two weeks ago we were excited to get our first box. Its still pretty early in the growing season here in Zone 4 so many things were overwintered like parsnips & spinach. We also got to try somethings that were new to us like ramps & sunchokes. We get box 2 tomorrow so I thought it would be a good time to review what we did with box 1.
CSA first delivery & the results
1. The Delivery 2. Farfalle with Chicken, Caramelized Onions & Tomatoes on a bed of Spinach 3. Ramp Risotto 4. Scrambled Eggs with Chives 5. Rhubarb Crisp 6. French Sorrel Tart 7. Grilled Steak & Roasted Sunchokes & Parsnips with Horseradish Cream 8. Ramp Tart 9. Spinach & Soybean Salad10. Ham & Spinach Pasty
I think this service is going to be really great for us. We get to try lots of new things & we are eating locally & a little more seasonably.


Deborah said...

Wow - that's quite a spread! It all looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with how you used everything! That was something very challenging for me to do each week. :)

Vonda said...

WOW! My mouth is watering. I started a blog to document the recipes inspired by my CSA boxes, but I'm hard pressed to compete with the likes of you. YUM!


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