Thursday, June 5, 2008

CSA box #3

What's in the farm box #3
Another beautiful box from the farm this week.
Rhubarb - We've made crisps with the last two batches. I have something special in mind for this one.
Hon Tsai Tai - This will be used in a stir fry. I've never had it before but have read it has a mild mustardy flavor
Sauté Greens - Always a great side dish
Salad Greens - So pretty with the flowers in it
Green Garlic - I also have this tagged for a stir-fry
Asparagus - Most likely this will end up grilled again as that is our favorite way to eat it.
Pea Vines - I really excited to try this as I've been reading about it lately. I'm thinking stir-fry & perhaps another try at a veggie tart.
Broccoli - The staple vegetable in our house, perfect just steamed.
Radishes - I need to find more good radish recipes. I noticed Eating Out Loud had a recipe for Spice Radish Sandwiches so maybe I'll try those.
Luckily I'm getting vegetables from the farm because from the look of the weather report all the ones in my garden are going to be crushed by hail!


Thistlemoon said...

Looks gorgeous! All of this kind of produce has come and gone at our market already! WAHHHH!

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

You've come back from SF? Did you eat well? Are you going to blog about your travel exploits? I'm being so nosy lol

toontz said...

I cannot believe what variety you get! So lucky!

billjac said...

This explains why my CSA hon tsai tai blog post suddenly got 15 hits from Minneapolis. I'm in Miami so the local hon tsai tai harvest was last December.

There isn't much of a local CSA blog community so I hope you don't mind if I steal some of your ideas for next season.

kat said...

Nikki - we ate so well. i could eat sushi everyday!

Toontz - I think we are really lucky to have found this farm

Billjac - Lol, everyone looking for some recipe ideas I guess. Please feel free to use my ideas, that's what I post them for.

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