Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly Menu - 7/28 - 8/1/08

Just back from a weekend up North to find three little jalapenos have finally made an appearance in the garden. Watching things grow in your own garden is just so amazing.
Hot hot hot

Here's this week's Menu Planning Monday...

Beet & Goat Cheese Tart with a Polenta Crust
- RESULT - This turned out even better than I expected. Can't wait to make it again for Matt

Swiss Chard with Caramelized Onions, Pine Nuts & Sultanas
- I think I'll serve this either with brown rice or couscous - RESULT - Fabulous!

Chicken Fennel Salad - RESULT - A nice light chicken salad with a little twist added by the fennel.

Pizza with Prosciutto, Onions & Arugala - using our favorite homemade crust - RESULT - There is nothing better than homemade pizza

Pork Souvlaki with Fennel Tzatziki & Fennel Slaw - I'm finally getting to cook the recipe from Kalofagas that I've been dying to try, well just one of Peter's fabulous sounding Greek recipes that I want to try.

I'm going to go a little out there this week with the cupcake flavor & try making one that tastes like Iced Tea with Lemon. Not sure which of Matt's many tea flavors I'll use yet.

Also this week it'll be time to show off the July Darling Bakers Challenge. Oh & was this month a challenge!


Peter M said...

You're gonna love the souvlaki...Judy of No Fear Entertaining just made it and she's one satisfied customer!

Gloria Chadwick said...

Hi Kat and Matthew,

Love your blog. I've just given you the Arte y Pico award. Please come on over to my blog at to find out more.


MrOrph said...

mmmmm fresh jalepenos! I just bought a bunch at a local farmer's market and used them in a sauce, They were soooooo fresh and spicy, even with the membrane and seeds removed! I wish I had my own garden, but the FM was much better than the mega mart or Whole Paychecks.

giz said...

Great shot of the baby pepper. It's so satisfying to go out to the garden and see the seedlings actually maturing.

Can't wait to see this month's DB reveal. You're right, it was a challenge!!

Anonymous said...

The beet and goat cheese tart w/ a polenta crust sounds very interesting. Looking forward to that post.

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