Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pizza Night

Matt & I were talking today about how since we've started making our own pizza at home we couldn't imagine buying frozen pizza anymore. We don't even send out for pizza these days. The homemade version is just so wonderful & we can make it with any topping we want. I would guess we make pizza every other week or so & the topping are often decided by what is in the fridge. Last nights pizza was one of those.
We started with our favorite homemade crust to which I added 1/2 t of garlic powder. I didn't have any pizza sauce in the house but I did have fresh cherry tomatoes in the garden so I turned them into a fresh tomato sauce. The sauce was then topped but a layer of grated fontina, one of our favorite pizza cheeses. Then I added a thinly sliced sweet onion & some arugula from our recent CSA delivery. Finally I tore two slices of prosciutto over the top.
Into the oven for 15 minutes at 450 F & dinner is ready. This was one good pizza. We loved the sweetness of the fresh tomato sauce with the saltiness of the cheese & prosciutto. Only thing I would change is next time I'd add more arugula, it looks like a lot when you put it on before cooking but it wilts down quite a bit.

Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce

1 brimming cup of sweet cherry tomatoes (I'm growing Sweet 100s)
1 T of red wine
pinch of dried oregano
pinch of dried basil
salt & pepper

In a small food processor or chopper, process the tomatoes to a chunky sauce. Stir in the remaining ingredients.

This makes just enough for one pizza with a thin layer of sauce.


Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

I've been making pizza almost every day! I peel off a little bit and make just enough for myself. I guess it's time for me to start experimenting with fruits and meats together on pizzas...

Anonymous said...

Veru nice. I wish I had access to home grown tomatoes. It must make all the difference.

Jen said...

Oooh- that looks so good! I don't usually like arugula on a pizza but I've really only had it when it's put on after cooking and it's like a big mound of cold salad on top. I think it would be good put on before hand so it can wilt.

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

It sounds easy, but is it really that easy to make pizza at home? I've been so dissatisfied with pizza outside for the past few years that I haven't had pizza for that time.

That pizza is so yummy!

Beth (jamandcream) said...

Im like you, after making your own, shop bought doeasn't really live up to it. This topping looks good - especially the homemade tomato sauce

kat said...

Jude - I agree, I'm so happy the tomatoes are ripe!

Jen - I'm the same way about cold salad on a warm pizza which is what made me try it this way

js - Pizza at home is so much simpler than I thought. The main thing is to remember to make the dough enough ahead of time to rise.

Anonymous said...

I just started cooking homemade sourdough pizza in my barbecue!! I was fantastic!! I agree, you never want to go back to pre-made pizza.


Anonymous said...

I doubled the tomato sauce, added a bit of garlic and reduced it on the stove for a little more intense flavor. Tastes so fresh! Thanks for all the great recipes!

giz said...

I'm with you - when it turns out looking like this why would you even think of ordering in. And - you really know what's in it.

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