Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creamy Sausage and Ramp Pasta

It's a grey day that feels like it's always just on the verge of raining & I've been tried all day. All I want is something easy for dinner that is creamy, warm & comforting.
Creamy Sausage & Ramp Pasta
Ah, that hit the spot.

Creamy Sausage & Ramp Pasta

4 - 6 oz pasta
1/2 T olive oil
8 oz bulk Italian sausage
10 ramps
2/3 c half & half
1/4 c paced, grated parmesan cheese
salt & pepper

Cook pasta according to directions. When cooked drain & set aside.

Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the sausage & cook through. Slice the ramps; bulbs, stems & leaves, keeping the leaves separate from the bulbs & stems. Add the bulbs & stems to the skillet & sauté for 2 -3 minutes until slightly softened. Add the half & half and cheese. Bring to a simmer & stir for 1 minute. Add the cooked pasta & ramp leaves. Stir until the ramp leaves wilt slightly, you still want them to have a little crunch, and everything is heated through. Season with salt & pepper.

2 servings

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Maria said...

So creamy and delicious! Great dinner!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Great creamy comfort dish and your weather sopunds like mine today.

Finla said...

I totally agree a delicous comfort food.

Jeff said...

Never go can go wrong with a good comfort meal when it feels like rain.

Nice use of ramps. Still bummed I am having a hard time finding them here.

Christina Kim said...

Ramps are so "in" right now! This dish looks creamy and comforting. Yum.

Giff said...

very nice :) perfect for a rainy day. I've started just seasoning ground pork shoulder for dishes like this instead of buying pre-made sausage so I know exactly what's in it!

Deborah said...

Another ramp recipe - I've got to find some of those!

Angelynn said...

What is ramp?

grace said...

creamy is good. sausage is good. ramps? i'm not quite sold on those yet, but give me some time. :)

kat said...

Giff - We used our own homemade Italian sausage as well, its really the best thing.

Angelynn - Ramps are also known as wild leeks.

Maris said...

I'm amazed at how easy and simple this is! I have never had ramps but might adapt this recipe for one of my worknight dinners!

Lori said...

That sure does look creamy! I just love ramps. I need to go to the woods and pick some. I sure dont want to pay 2 dollars for them again. I wish we had a CSA nearby like you. I love your posts about what is in your cSA box, its like Christmas.

test it comm said...

That pasta looks really tasty! I like the use of the ramps!

MrOrph said...

That looks sooooo good. Aren't ramps the best? Where did you find yours? I actually had to turn to eBay.

Peter M said...

I'm all over this dish...cream, sausage and tasty ramps. I'm glad I finally tried them this year.

Lara & Patrick said...

This dish was so tasty, and it was quick to prepare. My husband and I made it with ramps that we harvested yesterday in the mountains. Yum!!

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