Saturday, August 15, 2009

What we did with CSA box #7 and what's in #8

What we did with CSA Box #7
1. Dark Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes 2. Zucchini Carbonara(recipe to come) 3. Black Bean Burgers with Roasted Cauliflower & Steamed Beans(recipe to come) 4. Chorizo Stuffed Zucchini 5. Espresso Glazed Steak (recipe to come) with Smashed Potatoes & Creamed Red Mizuna 6. Smoked Chicken Tacos with Peppers & Onions 7. Asian Noodle Salad 8. Bruschetta 10. Tomato & Onion Tart with Sautéed Greens
Sorry there are so many "recipes to come" here. I've been cooking a lot & have a nice backlog of posts waiting to go up. There are a lot of zucchini dishes here that used both zucchini from the farm & our own garden.

Box #8 is pretty amazing. The farm says the cool summer is giving us one of the best seasons ever.
CSA Box #8

Salad Mix
Amaranth - Will go in stir-fry
Yellow Watermelon & Butterscotch Melon - We'll take these up to camp for some snacking this weekend
Carrots - Stir-fry, salad & maybe salsa
Japanese Eggplant - Stir-fry
Various Green Peppers - Matt is going to can some salsa using these
Onions - Also in the salsa
Tomatoes - In the salsa
Cucumber - Think this might be snacks for this weekend as well.
Eggplant - I actually should have left this in the swap box as Matt does not like eggplant
Garlic - Going in the salsa
Summer Squash - I'm ready to yell surrender to the zucchini & summer squash so I think I may give these to my mom

Find more ideas on using your CSA box at Cooking Away My CSA

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Elle said...

Oh my gosh, everything is gorgeous! I especially love the bruschetta and black bean burgers. Making me hungry!!

Kirby! said...

I just joined a CSA!! I got my first box this weekend, and it was like the most exciting day of my adult life. Seeing how creatively your family uses all that your CSA goodies each week is really inspirational!!

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