Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Menu and Farmers Market Finds 6/20 - 6/25/11

Is everybody else having as weird a spring as we are in Minnesota?! We're all getting ready to build arks here with all the rain that's been coming down and even more in the forecast. Add the cool temperatures (other than that record breaking 103F day), and the farmers at the market are saying they are about a month behind.
Farmers Market 6/16
Strawberries - Finally came in this week about 3 weeks late and apparently the season will be short. We picked up a bunch and I canned a couple batched of jam already yesterday and processed 16 more cups of strawberries for the freezer.
Day 19 - A Jam Plan
Ho Chi Minh Pepper Plant - A gift to us from the folks at Swede Lake Farm for sharing some of our peppers with them last year. This is one hot pepper!
Chicken - We are completely out of whole chickens in the freezer and by the time we got to the market last week they were sold out so, I made sure to stock up with week.
Cucumbers - I eating about 1/2 of one everyday for lunch these days.
Blackberry and Ginger Pie from Sun Street Breads - This will be dessert tonight with a little sweet chai ice cream
Sweet Peas - They'll go in pasta tonight and a stir-fry later this week but, I'm also liking a handful raw as a snack.
Spinach - For lunch most days I eat rye crisps with a little cheese and ham, thinking I'll add a few spinach leaves this week.

On to Menu Planning Monday...
Matt is traveling again this week so, it's I'm trying to cook well for one again.

Penne with Green Garlic and Chive Pesto, Sweet Peas and Corner Table's Bacon

Stir-Fry with Sweet Peas, Broccoli and Spinach

Spring Onion Tart

Green Garlic and Chive Pesto Chicken
Dill Pickle Faux-Fried Chicken
Also, we'll be posting a recipe this week for the Dill Pickle Faux-Fried Chicken we made last week, so good!

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Lori said...

I am so looking forward to that recipe. Sounds super yummy.

We are late here as well. Our strawberries just got ripe too.

Lori said...

Sounds like the weather has you all off schedule a bit. We had unseasonable heat in early June and now it has cooled down. Many would say too cool for this time of year, but I love it.

Our garden seems to be taking forever to produce, but I have to keep reminding myself that we got it in about 3 weeks later than we did last year. I'd love to try those peppers! :)

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