Monday, March 31, 2008

Sweet & Salty Honey Peanut Cupcakes

I realized I forgot to post last week's cupcake.
Sweet & Salty Honey Peanut Cupcakes
I found this weeks recipe through her lovely pictures on Flickr which led me to the fabulous Cupcake Bakeshop by Chocklit. She does the most interesting flavors of cupcakes that I have ever seen. I'm going to send you there to get this week's cupcake recipe & just tell you my thoughts on making it.
I was really drawn to this one because I'm a big fan of sweet & salty. The recipe called for a very thick honey (the kind you have to heat to pour) & said it couldn't guarantee the texture of the cupcake & frosting wouldn't change with using a thinner honey. I found some thick honey at Lund's but after seeing the price I decided to go ahead & risk using the honey in the bear at home.
#277 - Saved by the honey bear
I'm not sure what the original textures should have been but this honey seemed to work just fine. The cupcake itself was a lot like a angel food cake with a very spongy texture. It was a little fussy to make but I think worth it. I plan on using this batter again & adding fruit to it, which I think will be wonderful.
The honey flavor was really the star of this cupcake & frosting. I liked its mellow sweetness. I do wish there had been a little more saltiness & peanut flavor. I used really salted peanuts but next time I would add more than the recipe calls for.
I loved the cream cheese & honey frosting!
I would say this is probably more of an adult cupcake & could be a fun end to a dinner party. Kids might not appreciate the saltiness or the fact its not overly sweet.


noisy penguin said...

I'm glad regular honey worked, I've been thinking about making these (as peanut butter/honey sandwiches are my favorite thing ever) but I'm too cheap for fancy honey as well.

I love the cupcakes on Chockylit's blog as well. All the recipes I've tried from there are fabulous (as are the recipes I've tried from your blog).

Anonymous said...

wow, i've never seen a honeybear look so menacing!

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