Friday, August 8, 2008

What's in CSA box #7

What's in CSA box #7

Carrots - Some of these will be carrots fritters & some a salad. I still have some left over from the last box.

Italian Garlic - garlic goes in everything

Summer Squash - The zucchini I'll use in a zucchini & turkey bake. The yellow squash will most likely be sautéed as a side dish

Savoy Cabbage - I really need to do more with my cabbage than just coleslaw

Broccoli - There is very little here so either it'll be used in a stir-fry or steamed as a side

Yukina Savoy - Apparently quite similar to spinach but tastier. Some will be sautéed as a side dish but not sure about the rest yet.

Green & Yellow Beans - The last batch were so amazing steamed that I can't seeing doing anything else to these

Yellow Onions - onion also goes in everything & these are storage onions so they will last awhile

Arugula - Some will go into tonights bread salad. The rest I still need to figure out

Cilantro - Perfect timing as the cilantro in my garden has gone to seed. I need some for Peanut Noodles tomorrow & some for a Thai Spiced Cupcake next week.


eatingclubvancouver_js said...

I'm curious about that yukina savoy. Looking forward to see what you'll be making with it.

Anonymous said...

I use cabbage in fish tacos instead of lettuce, pigs in the blanket (german dish), vegetable soup, stir-fry, and I put it in with roasts when I make a crock-pot full (put in at the end, and let cook in crockpot the final 30-40 minutes.

Everything looks delicious!

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