Friday, August 29, 2008

You take the good, you take the bad...

If you've followed this blog at all you know that every week I post a new cupcake flavor. Well, this week's cupcake was such a disappointment I almost didn't share it but then I thought I can't only show you when things work out, you all need to share in my failures too.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcake
First of all let's talk about my poor choice in piping design with this frosting. Yes, I know what it looks like. We now affectionately call this cupcake "the poopcake." No, that was not my vision.

Now, let's talk about flavor. This was supposed to be a chocolate covered cherry cupcake. I started with my favorite white cupcake recipe. I replaced most of the milk in the recipe with really good cherry preserves. I liked the idea of big chunks of cherries in the cake. Then on a whim I threw in some chocolate chips. The cupcakes took a lot longer to cook than normal, like 5 minutes longer & still some felt a little wetter than I like. The cake did have a nice subtle cherry flavor but they were like little heavy muffins not nice fluffy cupcakes.

So then I whipped up some chocolate buttercream. The buttercream actually came together though is seemed to have a lot of air bubbles when I piped it (am I over beating it?). Did my oh so lovely piping job & tried a finished cupcake. Well, I might as well been eating nothing but chocolate because that is all you tasted, sigh. The cherry flavor was completely hidden by the frosting.

So, I'll not be sharing a cupcake recipe with you this week as this one is headed back to the drawing board. The cake recipe needs to be lightened & the flavors intensified. As for the frosting, I think a nice ganache might be better suited here. Luckily, Matt still thinks they are good enough to eat.


Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Poor poopy-cupcake :( Poor Kat :(

I understand having to change up recipes for light cupcakes. I had to do that with mine. Good luck with your changes!

Shelby said...

Well, kids would get a kick out of the cupcake....they seem to get a kick out of saying poopy. Heck, my 23 & 21 year old still use the word. lol

Its ok, we all have failures. It seems like I have MANY when trying to create something new!

Anonymous said...

Your honesty is great, I'm loving the poopy-cakes :)

Leslie said...

The poopcake! FUNNY.
Thanks for your comment on my blog fight! Its all too carzy! People are sooo mean!

Beth (jamandcream) said...

Im just laughing at the photo. Thats is so real!!

Unknown said...

I excitedly let my kids look at this pic... with a big smile, Kid2 said, "It's a perfect Poop Muffin!" :)... Still, I find this post quite refreshing... it even inspired me not to feel discouraged for finish products that's not according to your expectation... can't wait for the transformation that's going to happen next... thanks for sharing... :)

kat said...

Thanks everyone, I knew the cooks out there would understand when something like this happens...

grace said...

when i saw your cupcake, i immediately thought it looked like something, shall we say, a bit less appetizing. i wasn't going to comment on that, but since you're well aware of the fact, i'll go ahead and say i'd still eat your poopcake without hesitating. :)

Deborah said...

I've had plenty of failures, and I think it's only fair to post about the good and the bad! I do love the idea of this cupcake, though - too bad it didn't turn out!

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Great attitude, taking the bad wit the good. Hey, can't be all winners, eh?

As to the appearance, it cracked me up. LOL

Toni said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I should have let you know that I was going to link you! This post just made me laugh :) And I think it's great that you're a wonderful food blogger from Minnesota!

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