Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's in CSA box #8

What's in CSA box #8

I think this week's box from the farm is one of the best yet. I imagined this time of year would be full of this sort of wonderful bounty.

So let's see what's here....

A small watermelon - really the perfect size for Matt & I. Luckily Allen over at Eating Out Loud just did a great series on watermelon recipes, I think I'll do the salad.

Mini melon - This will be a breakfast treat on Sunday with some homemade cinnamon rolls.

Green Pepper - I do not like green peppers so this one is all Matt.

Garlic - What don't I use it in?!

Edamame - We love edamame as a snack & in this wonderful salad for lunch.

Oriental Lilac Bride Eggplant - This is bound for a stir-fry.

Leeks - I'm thinking a leek & yukina savoy gratin that was suggested in the farm's newsletter.

Sauté mix - We really like it wilted with different seasoning as a side dish.

Black eggplant - Baba Ganoush!

Cucumbers - One will get used in a salad or tatziki, the other I may you in a chicken & sautéed cucumber dish. I now it sounds weird but its really good.

Raspberries - A nice little fruit treat in our veggie box.

Salad Mix

Yukina Savoy - see leeks

Zucchini - This is the biggest zucchini I've ever seen! Matt talking about zucchini bread, I'm talking about zucchini gratin, it is big enough for both?

Italia Peppers - I'm hoping thees taste different than regular green peppers.

Petite Green Beans - Steam those babies up & they don't need a thing, they are perfect as they are.


Deborah said...

I can't really tell just how big the zucchini is, but when I made my chocolate wave zucchini bread, my zucchini was so big that I only used a third of it! So there's hope that you can both use it for what you want!

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Hey, hey, hey! I can't go, but maybe you and Matt are. Are you going to your state fair? Jeff and Zoe (our favorite book! Ok, maybe just mine, but you know what book I'm talking about!!) are going to be there.
Here's the link to what,where, when:

Jeff Hertzberg said...

Thanks Nikki: Zoe and I will be on Fox 9 Morning News tomorrow AM (Friday), and then I'll be at the Fair, in St. Agnes Bread Company's booth (Creative Activities Barn), at 5:00 PM. See you tomorrow.

Jeff Hertzberg

Allen said...

I'm jealous of your edamame - I haven't seen it show up in my box yet. Actually, my box should be arriving in the next few hours ... although it's been 6 months since I started with our CSA, each time is still like getting a Christmas present :-)

I enjoy looking through your box of goodies, so you've inspired me to post my pictures later today when my box arrives!

Allen said...

I'm so sad ... it's nearly the end of the day and my CSA box hasn't arrived. I think I've been skipped ...

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