Sunday, September 14, 2008

Homemade Potato Chips

The other night we made Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches for dinner & I was having a hard time coming up with what to serve for a side. I just kept coming back to wanting potato chips with my sandwich. We'd gotten some beautiful Adirondack Red Potatoes from the farm this week so we decided to try our hand at frying our own chips.
Homemade Potato Chips
It was our first time frying our own chips so we thought we'd share what we learned...
1. Cutting the potato into the thinnest slices you can will give you the crispiest chips.
2. Try to keep all the slices the same thickness so they all cook evenly.
3. You don't need to use a huge amount of oil, we had a little less than an inch in our pot.
4. Heat the oil to at least 350 F so the chips cook quickly without absorbing a ton of grease.
5. Cook the chips in batches a little at a time.
Homemade Potato Chips
6. Let the chips get really dark brown, almost to where you think they are burning, before removing them from the oil.
7. When you put the chips on paper towels to drain salt them right away.
8. We grated a little Parmesan cheese on the chips while they were still hot so it melted right on to them but you could add any seasoning.
9. Be careful, the oil is hot. (That's Matt's tip)

These were such a treat still a slightly warm from cooking. Sure the house smells of frying but it was so worth it.
Sausage & Pepper with Homemade Chips
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Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Mmmm. That is my kind of meal. With Spicy mustard. omg...I think I'm going to go make some of those NOW lol

Alicia Foodycat said...

They sound good but the sandwiches look amazing! How do you do your sausage and peppers?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, this whole meal looks really good. I haven't made potato chips in a long time. Thanks for the inspiration.

PG said...

These look delicious. Nice and crispy. I've never deep fried anything at home. Kind of nervous about it.

You've been awarded!

grace said...

ah, so ambitious of you! i have a deeply entrenched fear of frying, so for now, i'll be sticking with the store. :)

Peter M said...

This is a dangerous post...with chips like these, I'd have them daily!

Deborah said...

I was actually watching Kitchen Nightmares the other night, and Gordon Ramsy had the restaurant start serving fresh, homemade potato chips, and I have been wanting to make them since! These look just perfect.

Elle said...

I want your entire meal! Sausage and pepper sandwiches are awesome. But add homemade potato chips and it can only get better!

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Wazow! Chips with the sausage and peppers? You're making me salivate right now.

Olga said...

ooh that looks so good especially with cheese :)

makes me want to figure out how to operate my mandoline

Stephen Gross said...

I've made chips using duck fat instead of oil. It's really delicious, and a good way to use duck fat (if you keep that sort of thing around). So the next time you roast a duck, stick the rendered fat in the freezer for a rainy day.

Unknown said...

Just tried it with sweet potatoes. The grated cheese was a nice touch. Hadn't thought of that.

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