Friday, September 11, 2009

MN State Fair 2009

Call us crazy but two days back from India & we were off to the State Fair (I figure after India the heat & crowds at the fair would be nothing). We didn't go on the full-on-eating binge we did last year but we did try a few new treats (some were just new to us not the fair).
Maple SodaSpam CurdsTexas Tornado
Peach Glazed Pig CheeksBacon Lickers
1. Maple Soda - I'm not a fan of maple syrup so this wasn't a favorite of mine. Just not sure maple flavor was meant to be carbonated.
2. Spam Curds - Quite good actually especially dipped in some mustard. The kids with us hated them.
3. Texas Tornado - We went basic & only got this deep fried potato treat seasoned with season salt. Oh, this was good. We could have eaten a couple more.
4. Peach-Glazed Pig Cheeks - Bigger than we expected. Really tender & well cooked with a nice glaze.
5. Pig Lickers - Finally! We couldn't get these frozen pieces of chocolate covered bacon last year because they kept selling out. I knew this would be good from my own chocolate covered bacon experiments. Even the kids loved it.
How are those Bacon Lickers?Who likes Bacon Lickers?
Other than that we just went for some classics like Pronto Pups & Deep Fried Pickles.
Pronto Pups
That should keep out deep-fried-on-a-stick quota filled until State Fair 2010.
Ferris Wheel#247 - Sky Flyer
We'll be back with more recipes soon, I promise. Just having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the trip.

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Lori said...

I love state fair recaps. :) Your comment about the crowds cracked me up. My husband and I always say after Brazil we will no longer blink an eye at a Walmart on a Saturday or even Target on black Friday. Ha, ha!

So glad you got to try the bacon. It has to be great! And my very favorite is fried dill pickles. Such a great creation!

Tangled Noodle said...

I wonder if the State Fair would consider selling mulit-day passes? Seriously, I wanted to go back to try everything I missed (we're not into rides or games so livestock and food are the big draws!). For instance, I totally missed the Spam curds and I saw the tornado potatoes but still had a few foods to go on my a to z adventure. I have yet to try a Pronto Pup!

Take your time getting back into the swing of things. 8-)

grace said...

i can't help it--fairs = fried food. and that's okay. :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! We didn't have any of those foods! We had our usual cheese curds, snow cones and Sweet Martha Cookies (LOVE them!). We tried the chocolate covered back last year and, though the taste combination was good, we didn't like the texture of the cold bacon.

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