Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's in CSA box #9

We are back from India and quite a bit jetlagged. It's always hard to come back from a long trip, face that empty fridge & get back into the swing of cooking. Luckily for us there was a CSA box waiting & I've been doing most of the cooking from it.
What's in CSA box #9
Beans - These red & white beans are the type to shell & eat.
Radishes - We sliced some in a stir-fry last night which was quite good.
Carrots - I'm getting a glut of carrots in the fridge again this year. Guess its time for carrot cake.
Watermelon - Dessert for a bbq tomorrow
Squash - I think this will get grilled for a side dish at the bbq
Melon - A delicious orange melon that Matt & I ate for dessert last night
Grape Tomatoes - I turned this into a quick sauce for pasta the other night using an onion, some garlic & fresh basil & oregano
Sprigarello - A type of broccoli rabe. We used in in the stir-fry last night & I was not wild about it at all. It had quite a rubbery texture.
Orange Ukraine and UV Roaster Peppers - I'll use these in sausage & peppers this week
Edamame - We steamed & shelled some into the stir-fry which was good. The rest I'll steam & serve as an appetizer tomorrow.
Broccoli Romanesco - I'm thinking of baking it with some cheese as a side dish
Cucumber - this will just be a snack
Yellow Onions
Raspberries - I'm going to add these to homemade vanilla ice cream tonight.
Tomatoes - Matt wants a good BLT

We have another box coming this Thursday as well (we usually get one every other week but got off schedule with traveling) so we really need to work hard to eat most of this box in one week.

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1 comment:

Lori said...

Ahhhhh. a good BLT is a must in the summer. I need to do that before the tomatoes end.

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