Thursday, October 9, 2008

What we did with CSA box #11 & what's in box #12

1. the box 2. rosy radish pickles 3. fennel & chicken pot pie 4. Creamy Turnip Soup 5. roasted red pepper & ricotta sauce 6. chicken stewed in wine garlic & cinnamon 7. indian butter chicken with cumin cauliflower 8. chili with red pepper & jalapenos 9. tomato & onion galette 10. chicken & white bean stew 11. classic blt 12. roasted red peppers

Box #12
What's in CSA box #12
Sauté Mix - We like this as a side dish & in stir-fry
Spinach - I'll blanch & freeze this since we have the sauté mix
Bok Choy - Stir Fry
Leaf Lettuce - We'll use it on sandwiches
Tomatilla Salsa Kit - We are going to try roasting the tomatillas before making the salsa
Cauliflower - We also have some left from out last box so we'll make curried cauliflower with chickpeas & tomatoes
Broccoli - We just got a little bit so it'll go in stir-fry
Butternut Squash - This is one huge squash. I have plans for risotto & pasta
Delicata Squash - These we plan on roasting with a bit of butter
Mini Peppers - I think I'll make a roasted red pepper & tomato sauce, perhaps for pizza
Red Onions - These small ones will be perfect for roasting
Garlic - I already used half of it for adobo chicken
Toamtoes - pizza sauce & the curried cauliflower dish.


Jersey Girl Cooks said...

This is just an awesome post. Your pictures are beautiful!

Stacey Snacks said...

I see a butternut squash in there.....try that sausage/squash/penne recipe, you'll love it!

leedav said...

Hey! I was the cook on that farm for a summer. Best job ever!

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