Saturday, September 12, 2009

What we did with CSA box #9 and what's in #10

What we did with CSA9-09
1. Carrot cake 2. Carrot Raisin Salad 3. Sausage & Peppers 4. BST (Bacon, Spinach & Tomato) & roasted potatoes 5. Raspberry Swirl Gelato 6. Tomato Sauce 7. Honey Soy Stir-fry 8. Pasta with Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce
We still have quite a bit left from this box as we usually have two weeks between boxes.

Box #10 is a doozy....
What's in CSA box 10
Carrots - A have a fridge & freezer full at this point. Need to find more creative recipes for them
Salad Mix
Cauliflower - We like it best roasted
Radishes - Great in stir-fry
Sweet Corn - We'll eat two this week with butter & I'll freeze the rest
Broccoli - Best just steamed
Melon & Watermelon - We've been enjoying the melons in our box as a nice light dessert
Spigarello - Matt wants to see if we like it better cooked in a soup than we did in stir-fry
Edimame - Steamed & salted for a snack. Also been good shelled into stir-fry
Black Cherry Tomatoes - Thinking of using these on a pizza
Raspberries - Matt would like me to make some raspberry applesauce
Pimentos - We used these in the sausage & peppers
Jalapenos - I plan on using these in some roasted tomato salsa
Orange Ukraine Peppers - Think I might do a roasted pepper sauce with these
Zucchini - We'll grill this with the one still left from the last box
Tomatoes - I want more BLTs
Turkish Orange Eggplant - Think we'll try these unusual little eggplants in a stir-fry

Find more ideas on using your CSA box at Cooking Away My CSA

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Greta said...

I'm brown week, so I love to come here and see what the other week's box looks like! This has been such a banner year for HVF! I have to clean out my fridge, freeze and preserve some of this good stuff!

Lori said...

I never heard of spigarello. What is it?

Amy P. said...

We cooked our spigarello last night using the standard M.O. for cooking greens - removed the stems, blanched the greens for about 5 minutes, then sauteed them in garlic with a pinch of hot pepper flakes, squeeze of lemon, S&P. Not bad!

kat said...

Lori - Its a green similar to broccoli rabe

KingDufus said...

Any thoughts about pickled carrots?

kat said...

Kingdufus - I've made quick refrigerator ones for banh mi which were great but I've never canned them

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