Friday, October 16, 2009

Crock Pot Ribs

I'm currently on a mission to use all the meat we have in our freezer. We tend to stock up when we see a sale & now both freezers are full. This week I used frozen meatballs, pork chops & this half rack of ribs.

Its been rather cold & wet (if not snowy) here in Minneapolis so we didn't really have any desire to use the grill or the smoker. Then Matt mentioned seeing Slow Cooker Ribs on Dough See Dough. I have to admit I was a little hesitant about how ribs in a crock pot would turn out but since I've been really loving the easy of crock pot cooking lately I decided to give it a chance. We stuck pretty close to Dough See Dough's method of cooking the ribs but didn't use her recipe for the sauce.
Crock Pot Ribs
These ribs were surprisingly good. The meat is super tender, falling right off the bone. Of course, they don't taste anything like our smoked ribs but they are a great winter option for us. Part of the reason they tasted so good was the barbecue sauce we used. Recently, some friends of our gave us a couple bottles of Howling Wolf barbecue sauce made by their family in Wisconsin.
(photo from Howling Wolf)
We used the Cranberry Orange Sauce on this batch of ribs, the mixture of cranberry & orange just seems right for fall. It has such a wonderful sweet & tangy flavor with just the right amount of heat. We love that fact the these sauces contain no high fructose corn syrup as we are trying to avoid eating foods containing it. We're excited to try their original sauce next. You can buy these sauces through the Howling Wolf store on Etsy.

Crock Pot Ribs
(This recipe is for a half rack of ribs which we find the perfect serving for two of us. If you want to make more ribs increase the sauce mixture so you have enough to almost cover the ribs.)

1/2 rack baby back ribs
dry barbecue rub of choice
1 c barbecue sauce (we used Howling Wolf Cranberry Orange)
1/2 c dark beer (we used Sessions Black)
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

Preheat oven to 400 F.

Cut the ribs to separate them. Massage with dry barbecue rub. Place on a baking sheet & bake for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, mix the barbecue sauce, beer & Worcestershire sauce together. Pour into the crock pot. Take the ribs out of the oven & place into the crock pot. Turn to coat all side.
Ribs in the Crock Pot
Cook on low in the crock pot for 6 hours or until the meat is falling off the bone. Turn once during cooking time.

Serves 2

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Manisha said...

I made ribs in the slow cooker for some guests who are mighty particular about their ribs, but with good reason, of course, having had some of the best every made. They were skeptical, but ended up enjoying them. I was really pleased with the results! I am excited to try this sauce! Thanks for the tip!

Kristin said...

Yum! My next "rib" recipe will be in the crockpot as well... It's so nice when dinner makes itself for you!!

George Gaston said...

kat... I bet your kitchen has a wonderful aroma, while these scrumptious ribs are slow-cooking! I'll have to give them a try... Thanks

Pat said...


Fresh Local and Best said...

This looks like a wonderful recipe, and it's great that to know that the crock pot was successful!

Belle & Ward said...

These look really delicious - we've never tried ribs in a crock pot before. Your freezers sound like ours! ~ Belle

Cookie said...

I love making ribs in the slow cooker cuz the meat comes out so tender and juicy!

natalie said...

oh yum! i do the same and stock up on meat since we have an extra freezer as well!! good to know they come out so good in the crock pot!! might have to be our sunday football meal!!

Ciao Chow Linda said...

Wow do those ribs ever look finger-lickin' good. And in a crock-pot no less. I can do this!

Deborah said...

I made ribs in the crockpot once and was surprised that they turned out pretty good. That sauce sounds really tasty.

Angelynn said...

What could you use if you do not want to use beer?

grace said...

cranberry-orange scones? yep. cookie? definitely. bread? all the time. ribs? never even imagined it, but it sounds delicious!
hooray for the crock pot and random barbecue sauces.

LoveFeast Table said...

I think it's going on this weeks menu for hubby to cook up!! Your post has a virtual aroma coming through our computer!!

Lori said...

Want to hear something hysterical. In an effort to clean out my freezer (ha ha) I pulled out some ribs for Sunday dinner- oh about four hours ago. I hoisted it up on my counter and said to myself. I remember seeing some amazing ribs on Kats site, I must go and get the recipe for tomorrow. And funny... great minds think alike Kat.

CatchAStar Creations said...

mmmm those look DElicious!! :D

kat said...

Lori - That is too funny!

Angelynn - You could substitute beef or chicken stock for the beer, it might not give the exact flavor but would still be good.

Thistlemoon said...

Hah! We both had ribs on the brain this weekend! :) These look awesome!

Pamela Baker said...

OMG - what time is dinner - those ribs look delicious. I bought some of that "Wolf" hot sauce in a gourmet shop - my boys put it on everything - probably their morning cereal also!

Jean Ann said...

oh looks so good--you fiend you! Think I'm turning into a cannibal.

Christian said...

Mine are in the crock pot now. Can't Wait!

Peter M said...

The best food is that which has to be eaten with one's ribs!

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