Thursday, September 11, 2008

What we did with CSA boxes #8 & #9

Here's just an overview of some of the things we did with the last two boxes. A lot just gets prepared simply by steaming or eaten fresh.

What we did with csa boxes 8 & 9 8 2. box 9 3. dark chocolate & zucchini cupcakes 4. creamed leeks & yukina savoy 5. pound cake with raspberry coulis & chocolate sauce 6. watermelon salad" 7. chicken with cucumber & dill 8. simple stir-fry 9. my grandmother's refrigerator pickles 10. creamed chipollini onions & radish greens 11. corn fritters 12. zucchini gratin 13. tamales with sweet corn & cheese filling 14. southwestern cobb salad 15. watermelon basil granita 16. beef, beer & blue cheese pot pie

Looks like box #10 coming today is a good one!


PG said...

Wow. You certainly put boxes 8 and 9 to good use. Quite impressive individually and pretty amazing as a whole.

Lori said...

You were one busy girl. Could I like have your left overs? You are one great cook Kat!

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