Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Menu 4/13 - 4/19/09

I find this such a hard time to cook here in Minnesota. We're done with the root vegetables of fall and winter & have eaten through most of the vegetables that were frozen or canned last year. Spring vegetables are just a glimmer in our eyes at this point.
#96 - Look how my garden grows
Here's our brussels sprouts, broccoli & jalapenos growing away under the grow light in the basement, far from ready to eat I'm afraid. This week we'll plant the lettuces & peas outside & the tomatoes will get started indoors. We'll start receiving our box from Harmony Valley Farm in early May so not too long before I have lovely seasonal vegetables to inspire my menus again. The excitement this week is that we'll have three days in the 60's so it's time to break out the grill.

On to Menu Planning Monday...

Ham & Bean Soup - Gotta use up that Easter ham my sister sent us home with.

Bison Blucys - Matt wants to try making burgers with the ground bison that our grocery store carries.

Bacon, Leek & Mushroom Pasta - Inspired by an episode of the "F" Word we saw last week.

Grilled Flank Steak with Garlic Beans

The secret Recipe to Rival dish

Sausage Risotto with Spring Greens - From Bon Appetite March '09


Deborah said...

I planted flowers from seed this year - I should do my veggies from seed next year!

Unknown said...

My husband and I have been leaving little offerings to the Benevolent Demon that lives in the bottom of our chest freezer. The Benevolent Demon gave us a treasure over the weekend - frozen bolognese sauce!

I sympathize entirely with your seasonal predicament. Our store is down to a few last jars of beans, cellared beets, and the random treasures from the Benevolent Demon living in our chest freezer.

I have strange dreams about spinach this time of the year.

Peter M said...

Woo hoo...the garden is coming, the garden is coming!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that your vegetables are still far away--but it seems you are making due with a lovely menu nonetheless.

Can't wait to learn more about this year's garden.

Unknown said...

You have some terrific meals planned for this week.
Happy MPM!

Lori said...

You are so good. I buy my tomato plants prestartedat the garden center. I have found when I start from seed that they tend to be spindly. I will start some stuff soon- like arugula and such.

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