Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekly Menu 3/10-3/15/08

Wow, did we eat well this weekend. Dinner out Friday at a local bistro called Cave Vin (a little hidden gem), where I had an amazing beef tenderloin with blue cheese on top of brussels sprouts and Matt had a pork loin with fingerling potatoes & peaches. Saturday we had friends over for two type of lasagna, a sausage & spinach one & a spinach, roasted red pepper & wild mushroom one. Then last night we really treated ourselves with a grilled steak, asparagus & a potato onion gratin.
steak & potatoes
Now its back to real life & the weekly menu for Menu Planning Monday.

Cream Chicken Wild Rice Soup
- As far as Matt's concerned I could make this soup every week & he'd be happy.

Leftover lasagna - We have both sausage & vegetarian lasagna left. I'll share our vegetarian recipe later this week.

Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce - Using the recipe for gyro meat from Alton Brown. - RESULT - This turned out quite good with a lot less fuss than I expected. Just remember to drain the yogurt early.

Chicken, Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Roulade - Thinking of things to do with the open jar of roasted red peppers & this sounded good. I'll be making up the recipe as I go along. - RESULT - This dished turned out really quite wonderful, I loved the goat cheese flavored sauce.

Rigatoni, White Beans & Brown Butter - I saw this recipe last week on Eating Out Loud & it just sounded too good not to try this week. - RESULT - Oh so yummy!

Chicken Chili - As well as making a fabulous smoky beef chili, Matt makes a wonderful white chili with chicken. Its perfect for a lazy weekend. - RESULT - This didn't end up being the white chili I had planned on but turned into a new fabulous chicken & two bean chili.

This week's cupcake is a brainchild of Matt's - Lemon cupcakes with blackberry filling. - Best cupcake yet!

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Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

I made gyros last week. I didn't know Alton Brown had a recipe too. I looked and my idea was similar to his, but a bit less involved. I can't wait to read about your gyro exploits.

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